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Allegro Surf

Control and understand how your Internet connection is being used. Whether you need content filtering at a school or need to manage your company's bandwidth usage, AllegroSurf will save you time and money by helping you to control your valuable resources.
AllegroSurf allows you to use a single internet connection and share it with the rest of the computers on your network. AllegroSurf will also increase browsing speed by prefetching pages then loading them from cache when viewed later.

Bandwidth and Usage Limits
Establish when a user or server is available.

Inbound / Outbound Transfer Rates
Create a transfer rate limit restricting the transfer rate to a reasonable value.

Inbound / Outbound Transfer Quotas
Restrict how much total data your users can transfer in a given time period.

Proxy Server Support
AllegroSurf supports these proxy protocols:
TCP mapping
TCP port mapping
TCP mapping and TCP port mapping using SSL
NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)
RTSP (RealPlayer)
UDP mapping
UDP port mapping
SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
With support such as this, AllegroSurf can handle any connection that you need.

Control which users and/or group has access to each proxy server.

FTP Site Browsing
AllegroSurf now allows you to navigate an FTP site from within your browser while maintaining support for all the FTP servers supported by FTP Voyager. In addition, AllegroSurf also supports S/KEY and will use it automatically when needed.

Network Monitor
Network Monitor is no longer included in AllegroSurf, but is available for FREE download.

Site Features Filtering
The advanced filtering in AllegroSurf allows you to block ads from loading, background sounds and images, pop-up windows, and Java Scripts and Applets, as well as Visual Basic Scripts.

Select which users and/or groups have filters applied.

Customizable Ad Database
With the Internet growing as fast as it is these days, it's impossible to keep track of every ads site. With AllegroSurf, you have the power to keep up with them by manually adding new ads sites to the current database.

Content Filtering
AllegroSurf prevents access from sites that system administrators would like banned from their network. Any site with content pertaining to hate speech, sex, drugs, crime, sports, or other extreme subjects can be banned with the click of a button. In addition, administrators can specify specific sites to ban/allow as well as bypass those blocked sites with a valid username and password.

Select which users and/or groups have filters applied.

Content filtering based on titles in addition to meta descriptions. Meta description filtering improved to work better with compound words.

Prefetch Webpages
Have you ever wondered how you can speed up your Internet surfing? By using AllegroSurf, you're doing just that! While you're reading a webpage, AllegroSurf is putting your Internet connection to work prefetching every site it can find for you that is linked to your current page. When you click on a link to go to that site, the page is ready to load in AllegroSurf's cache.

AllegroSurf will even do your surfing for you. If you don't want to wait for pages to load at all, you can setup AllegroSurf to download the sites you like to visit while you're away. Then when you're ready, you can look through those sites just like normal...straight from your own hard-drive!

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