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Log Analyser

Interactive Reports
Navigate reports easily. They are not static html
All reports are active and not just tables in static html. Scroll report easily or sort it by any column with just one mouse click. Open or close hierarchy levels.

Hierarchical view
View reports in hierarchical form when it is appropriate. This is very convenient because most website statistics have hierarchical nature.

View complete reports, not just a few top records
Reports show all website data, not just several top records of each statistic. This means you can easily see all referrers and how many hits each of them has generated. Other programs show only a few popular referrals.

Advanced graphical charts
All reports are accompanied by graphical charts that represent report data for easier visual perception. View own chart for each level of hierarchy. Bar graphs change immediately as you navigate the report in table view.

Narrow your focus with dates filter
Select date interval in calendar to view reports for that period immediately. Compare same reports for different time intervals and understand the results of important changes made to the site.

Reports on all aspects of the web site
Accessed resources
Reports on most requested pages, downloads and graphics shows what content is popular on your site and how visitors find that content. Entry and exit pages reports shows where users enter your site and on which pages they leave. For example, find out how the landing pages for ad campaigns perform. Determine pages with weak content using single access pages report. It shows on which pages users leave web site without viewing other pages. Such pages may need revising.
Visitors Bouncing Rate report shows how many users entered the website through the particular web page and exited the site right away (bounced). This allows to estimate quality of your website landing pages and improve website browsing rate.

Website Navigation
See how visitors navigate through your web site. Popular Paths through Site report shows the list of typical ways users take while browsing the website. Came from Page and Left to Page reports show from which pages users came to the particular page and where they went from there.

Visitors activity
Visits and hits history reports show how your web site popularity changes over time. Top visitors report shows number of visits for each visitor along with browser and OS they use and their country. View what days of week and hours of day get most hits and visits and generate load picks on your web server. Reports about countries are fast and do not require slow DNS lookup process. Program includes countries database for fast country lookup.

Referrals and Search Engines
Easily get information about how your visitors come to the web site. Comprehensive set of reports that show all referring pages, search engines and search phrases that drive visitors to you site. View trend for every statistic in this group. With hierarchical reports presentation you will dig deeper into referral reports and understand where your visitors come from. Ideal set of reports for search engine optimization.
See when search engine robots come to index your site and what pages they read. Make sure that search spiders index all content you add. Deep Log Analyzer recognizes all latest browsers and search robots as we update their definition lists regularly. You can add your own search engines definitions.

Visitors System Info
See what OS's and browsers including version your visitors use. Optimize your web site for most popular browsers and screen resolutions and color depth. View reports on either browser has javacript support enabled, Flash plugin versions, Visitor's System Language

Technical reports
See all errors on your website. Check if site has any broken links and where they are. View report on incomplete downloads.

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